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Starting and building a career is a lifelong journey. At MJW, we invite you to consider taking your journey as a member of our team. We offer a great combination of employee benefits, a highly attractive business culture, and a range of other advantages. These are just some of the reasons why MJW employees join the firm and stay with us.

Small wonder that, among the full-time employees who had been at MJW for more than a month as of April 30, 2014, the average length of time with our firm was over 10 years and counting. We believe we offer something truly special — and if your values align with ours, we hope you’ll contact us to introduce yourself.

How to Become Part of Our Team

MJW is a growing firm, and we are always looking to add new members to our team. Listed below are descriptions of the various position levels at the firm. To be considered for a position, please send your resume to

Staff Accountant
Individuals at this level normally have a college degree with a major in accounting or other related business field and have from zero to two years experience. Responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining broad exposure to the types of services offered by the firm.
  • Becoming proficient in the preparation of staff level work on various engagements.
  • Developing a working knowledge of research techniques and the various research resources in the firm library and on-line.
  • Becoming familiar with the firm’s policies and procedures.
  • Understanding the rules, regulations, and code of professional conduct of the AICPA.
  • Progressing professionally by working toward passing the CPA exam as soon as possible.

In-Charge and Supervisor
Individuals at this level have a minimum of two years experience as a staff accountant and normally have passed the CPA exam. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing proficient knowledge of the types of services offered by the firm.
  • Obtaining a thorough understanding of standards and regulations as well as common procedures and techniques.
  • Acquiring expertise in research using the firm library and on-line resources.
  • Knowing and understanding the reason behind the firm’s policies and procedures.
  • Possessing technical knowledge sufficient to supervise staff accountants.
  • Beginning to acquire the skills necessary to develop quality client relationships and loyalty.

Individuals at this level are normally CPAs and have a minimum of five years experience in public accounting (or equivalent experience) and have exhibited technical proficiency and the ability to supervise complete engagements. Responsibilities include:

  • Planning, supervising, and completing routine engagements.
  • Supervising staff accountants, in-charge accountants, and supervisors; providing feedback to them and evaluating their progress.
  • Becoming experts in their designated areas.
  • Developing new client contacts and relationships beneficial to the firm.
  • Assisting in firm administrative functions.
  • Recognizing opportunities to provide additional services to existing clients.

Seasonal Employees
MJW is always looking for good preparers

Six Great Reasons to Join MJW

We offer competitive benefits, including:

  • 401(k) matching
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance coverage
  • Secure work environment with free onsite parking
  • Firm-provided disability and life insurance coverage
  • Professional development assistance
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive salary and vacation arrangements
  • Reduced hours during summer months
  • Up-to-date workplace technology
  • Membership assistance

Assorted Work Selection
At MJW we offer a wide variety of services to our clients, from tax services to full-scale financial statement audits. New employees have the chance to work in these various service areas and decide for themselves what type of work they enjoy and would like to continue doing. At many firms, just switching to another service group could require another interview or many hurdles of approval. This is not the case here, where our employees can more easily transition to the work they enjoy.

Your personal life is important, and MJW recognizes that. That is why we offer a flexible work place for all our employees. Currently, MJW employees take advantage of this flexibility by working from home, establishing a flexible schedule to accommodate family, volunteer, or outside interests, or taking time off for personal appointments and errands.

Mentoring and Training
With a Partner/Manager to Supervisor/Associate ratio of roughly 1:1, we offer the individualized hands-on training and mentoring that many firms cannot. Our open door policy is genuine, and the working relationships and friendships we build here are authentic. We also provide in-house Continuing Professional Education (CPE) training so you can take your career to the next level.

Small Business Culture
At our firm, you are not another number. Working here means you are part of our team and we take your interests and concerns to heart. We don’t define our culture based on how many employee luncheons or other benefits we can give. What characterizes our culture and atmosphere is our people — they create the enjoyable work atmosphere we have here that fosters growth and stability. We foster an entrepreneurial environment that encourages staff at all levels to have ownership of engagement at all staff levels.

When someone accepts an offer to join our firm, we understand they have made the choice to invest part of their future with us. Similarly, we take the time to invest in all our employees to help them grow and develop in their careers.

Applicants Ask, MJW Answers

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of prospective employees. If there are any questions that you would like answered and cannot find below, please feel free to contact us.

How many people work at MJW?
There are currently 25 employees at MJW.

What do you look for in a candidate?
We consider many aspects of each candidate’s resume. This includes their work experience, academic and non-academic achievements, and more. Overall, we look for well-rounded, intelligent individuals who will enjoy working here.

What are your start dates?
We have no set start dates. All employees are given an individual start date, taking into consideration when they will become available and when new hire training can be arranged.

Will I have a life outside the office?
Yes. We have low turnover and long tenure with our employees because of the way we conduct business, centering our strategy on providing a flexible and enjoyable work environment. Unlike some other firms that promise work/life balance, at MJW that is exactly what you get.

What benefits will I receive?
MJW has very competitive benefits, including 401(k) matching at levels many other firms do not provide. See the benefits listed above or contact us for a more comprehensive list.

How long does it take to become a partner?
The fastest someone has gone from starting at the associate level to becoming partner at MJW is five years. This opportunity for rapid advancement is due to the fact that we offer promotions based on the level of expertise and development an employee demonstrates. That being said, in general, the time it takes to become a partner is roughly 10 years.

What is different about MJW?
We have many qualities that set us apart from other firms, many of which are listed above. Ultimately, it is our longstanding client and employee relationships, coupled with our highly desirable work culture, that makes us stand out the most.

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