Murray, Jonson, White & Associates, Ltd., P.C. Helps Homestretch For The Fifth Year Nov 24, 2017

Falls Church, VA, November 2017:  On Friday, November 17, 2017, a team of five from Murray, Jonson, White & Associates, LTD., P.C. donated and delivered complete Thanksgiving meals for six families involved in the Homestretch program.  The event was coordinated under the direction of Principal, Sandra Ballowe and staff member, Elif Kaya. In speaking with… Read More

Research and Development Tax Credits for Qualified Small Businesses Nov 06, 2017

In- Charge Accountant, Daniel Auth

Research and development is an important part of starting and growing a successful business particularly in the ever-changing business environment so heavily reliant on technology in 2017. Innovation, introduction and improvement of products and processes can often times be the difference between a startup company’s success or failure. Recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) developments have… Read More

The Business of Doing Well By Doing Good Aug 25, 2017

In- Charge Accountant, Daniel Auth

The Federal Small Business Administration reports that about 75 percent of small business owners donate some portion of their profits to charity each year with the average contribution being around six percent of earnings. Fulfilling philanthropic intentions has emotional rewards and there are potential tangible benefits for your business. The more you align your charitable… Read More

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